Last year I shared the exercise of Letting Go and Letting God In (LGLGI) but to be honest although I thought I knew what it meant .... as time went on I have realized that when I started the journey of Letting Go and Letting God In it was from my limited belief that if I Let Go and I Let God In it would be like a magic pill, all my problems would be taken care without me taking responsibility for my situation. I can see it today it was another way of running away... I was using Letting Go as a mean to run away instead of facing the situation or issue that was there for me to resolve. I had a perception, a filter or bias where in my mind would create a visual of what the outcome should look like...

You see my journey started as I would describe it now... running away... I was doing LGLGI as someone running away and will do anything to run to safety. What a big AHA! that was for me when recently I saw how I started the journey.... BUT even though I had my filters the important things was that I was in the journey...even if not with the right reason... but yet trying my best to unify within me and restore myself to Oneness with God.

The more I walked the journey of Letting Go and Letting God In, the more I encountered challenges...yet I faithfully continued doing the exercise slowly but surely I started to slow down on my desire to run... truly I don't know when exactly my instinct to rush into Letting Go and Letting God In as a way to run away from my challenges became less and less...

All of the sudden I was not doing Letting Go and Letting God In as a way of running away from my challenges BUT instead as a way to face my challenges... I finally got to the point that Letting Go and Letting God In became my strength...my resource...my support to confront and face head on what needed to be handled.

Let Go and Let God In exercise became the opening of my journey into being able to surrender my role as a "Director" of my movie to God being the "Director" of my movie, a movie that is infinity... for its God's movie.

If you have already started this journey of Letting Go and Letting God In, let me invite you to continue and to observe your journey let the journey show you the many lessons to treasure...and if you have not started let me also invite you to start the journey...

For a refresher on LGLGI check out the DLB Radio Show on the topic here is the link: https://youtu.be/-rNWX8Yc7YM

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