Special Time of the Year

I have written about this exercise before but it is such a powerful exercise that I want to offer it again specially as we celebrate this Christmas or Holidays.

Imagine that each light bulb light in a string of lights used to decorate a Christmas Tree or any light decoration is a memory of a time passed, a memory of places and people you share a special moment with or a memory of the love and joy you experience in your daily life with no special reason just that it happened.... collect all those memories and places each of them in this strings of lights.... each memory is a light bulb .... each year your string of lights grows ... never leaving any memory behind but instead honoring all the memories good or bad ..... healing the bad ones and letting the light shine through it.... honoring each and every one of this light bulbs as beautiful lights as blessings and priceless treasures...

Now add those special decorations you have purchased or created each year ... those that tells of the times enjoyed.... that gives your tree the touches of uniqueness as it displays YOUR AMAZING LIFE STORY....

May you know no one can take away your memories nor your joy... Open your heart and embrace your memories .... connect to the innocence of your inner child within you.... dance, sing and be joyful for it is up to you to create your Peace, Love and Joy in this world.

Wishing each of you a blessed time with family and friends....May it be overflowing with joy and love...May your string of lights grow even more brighter than before....

#love #selfgrowth #embracingself #empowerment

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