What makes us give a helping hand?

What makes us give a helping hand...

Some years ago I was shown an image that cracked all my resistances into pieces... this image was given to me when I asked God what was the consequences when I resisted to do my work? He showed me the image of Jesus Christ standing in a river rock helping a child come up the river safely by extending his hand to the child so he could climb the rock and be at higher grounds- (similar to this picture)-- and when I resisted to do my work it was equal to me denying someone the hand for them to reach higher grounds and safety. It was devastating to see it and feel the pain in my heart when I was shown the consequences of my actions-- it was also a turning point in my life for it opened me to a completely surrender to God and to the promise I made to Him--- "I will share the way back home with everyone just as a child shares her playground". It is interesting to see in moments of chaos or devastation there is a unconscious reaction within the individuals to help those in need. We can easily see it in social media as one post is shared around the world and how we all hear a inner calling that makes us stop and help in whatever form we believe we can help. But this desire to help can takes us do things that are not as helpful as we may think they are-- such as when fall into a unconscious state where we judge or do power over and before we know it we have taken away someone else free will. When we give a helping hand in any form be it money, time or effort it would be helpful if we take a moment and ask ourselves --Why am I helping? Best if we can feel the desire of why we are helping thus allows us to be honest with our own intentions versus what we think our intentions are~Our ego can come into this helping scenario in a very subtle way and before we know it all the good intentions turn into not so good consequences. My mother told me that a friend of hers once asked "When you see someone in the street asking for money do you give the person money? My mother answered it "Depends, if the person is young I don't because I believe they can go out and get a job but if the person is old I give them money." Her friend asked "Why did she judge a person before giving a helping hand?" My mother told me this question made her stop and think twice her answer... it made her see some of her own inner judging that she had made because of past experiences which in turn she passed along to a bystander-- after that introspect she told me when she gives money she gives it freely not because they will misuse it or nor nor if they deserve it or not~ instead she says she gives from her desire to give and not from the old belief she that she was saving or rescuing someone. She told me the friend asking her a simple question made her sift within her to see a greater picture of how she helped others, for example she said "If I see a person asking for money for food I don't judge him or her-- I don't give the person food versus money -- instead I ask myself what is in my heart and what am I willing to give? I know that at the moment I tell myself -he is too young to beg or he will use it for his addictions instead of food I am judging him and I am not giving freely from my heart. When you are extending your hand to help someone else what is in your heart? What are you willing to give with not attachments? Are you giving to be noticed? to be validated? to be seen as a good citzen? and if you believe you can do better -How much time are you willing to invest in the change is require to make it better someone? There is no wrong or right but a sincere acknowledgement within oneself to know why we are helping someone else can guide us to give exactly what is best for all parties involved. It is from being in a conscious state of sincerity and honesty with ourselves that we can be more effective when we give the helping hand....

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