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Time to take a moment and give yourself the gift of knowing who you are....


All Private Consultations are uniquely designed specifically for each individual thus creating a consultation in which no two are alike.


Mercy Martinez's innate ability, as a storyteller and intuitive healer, gives her the opportunity to create a sacred and safe space for her clients, while guiding them through a unique process of embracing their life story. This process provides her clients with the opportunity to open themselves to greater and more profound transformatinal shift while feeling safe, empowered and liberated.  As she says, "It is the individual's story that guides me to understand how best to guide my clients so they can experience a greater and deeper transformational shift".


Her consultations are designed in an informal at ease conversational style. This style makes the client feel like as if they are sharing information with a friend while opening to deep inner work that allows for in-depth shifting and self-healing.



"Mercy thank you and words are not enough to really express my gratitude for what I received from your session. I was stunned and amazed how as we just talked in such an easily and comfortable space, feeling as if I was talking to a friend and meanwhile I could feel energy shifiting within me. By the end of our so called "informal conversation" I not only felt at peace but I knew I had release old patterns and was standing in a new horizon for my life. My heart overflows with gratitude, Thank You Thank You!  

                       Maria, Miami, FL


"Everytime I attend your events it amazes me how your words has such subtle and yet powerful messages. They are like bubbles of loving energy making me seeing my blocks and limitation in a loving ways. By the end of the each event I just want to come again and again. Thank you for your warmth and loving energy it is so welcoming that I am always the last person leaving any of your events. Each event I have attend has given me more than I can describe but always bringing me one step forward in my journey of liberating from old patterns and limitations." 

                           A.G.B. Virginia Beach, VA


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