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3 Things Social Media Has Shown Me...

Social Media seems to be the place that everyone enjoyed at the beginning and slowly or quickly started to discover is not at all that fun it's not easy to share our opinions freely without being judged and feel vulnerable. And before we know it, the innocent sharing becomes vicious, nasty and hurtful it divides us instead of uniting us. 3 THINGS SOCIAL MEDIA HAS SHOWN ME: (1) WE ALL HAVE OPINIONS. It is a fact that we as human beings have that ability to think; thus we do have tons of opinions that we love to share as if they are facts and truths. In this society of high technology with the easy access to search engines like Google, where we all can check if a social media post is an opinio

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"Your article is very beautiful and profoundly helpful Mercy Martinez. Thank you for sharing it. Loved the picture too."

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"Love your article, Mercy Martinez"

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"Mercy even though I am not fluent in Enlgish each of your articles bring such energy within their message that makes me want to share it with all my friends. Thank you for sharing with us"

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