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5 Tips to Boost Your Wholeness Living

The best approach to our well being is "WHOLENESS" but what is Wholeness and why is the best approach? In understanding our well being, we will discover we are more than just mind or physical body but that deep within us we also have a spirit. Some may call it the soul of the individual and others may call it the spirit of the individual. What has been studied and validated today is that to obtain a state of Well Being the best approach is address all Spirit, Mind and Body. 5 Easy Tips to WHOLENESS LIVING #1 Discover the Power of your BREATH. It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that when we take a few moments to take do Breath exercises our brains automatically starts to slow down

3 Easy Steps to Failure

I started to wonder if anyone would be interested in some simple and easy steps to FAILURE? As I observed a bombardment in Social Media promoting a barrage of 3 or 5 or 7 Steps or Keys to all types of Success.... Be a Millionaire in just 6 days!... Create a large Email list in just months, etc...In case no one has covered this "niche" here are: 3 Simples Steps to FAILURE #1 Believe that others have the key to your success. Listening to everyone without any discernment or evaluating if their formula for success fits within your own set of values can make you become a clone of someone else's value system. You are the only one that can truly know what fits for you or not. Many experts can guid

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"Your article is very beautiful and profoundly helpful Mercy Martinez. Thank you for sharing it. Loved the picture too."

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"Love your article, Mercy Martinez"

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