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The Middle Way or Bust....

We are constantly being encouraged and motivated to be in the "middle" to be "balance" but what does that really means? How can one stay consistently in the middle without being pushed to one side or another? How can you experience all that life has to offer without swinging from one side to the other? When they say be in the "Middle" or be "Balance" does that mean I am to be rigid and not move at all? What can I do when stresses at work or with family pushes me to one side or another? How can I maintain the so called "Middle" ? For sure you will hear, read and be shown many techniques to conquer the mind and your emotions so that you can always strive to be in the "Middle" but does that rea

En Esta Navidades

He escrito sobre este ejercicio antes, pero es un ejercicio tan poderoso que quiero ofrecer de nuevo, especialmente cuando celebramos esta Navidad o Celebraciones. Imagina que cada bombillito de luz en una guirnalda de luces utilizada para decorar un árbol de Navidad o cualquier otra decoración de Navidad es un recuerdo de un tiempo pasado, un recuerdo de lugares y personas que comparten un momento especial con o un recuerdo del amor y la alegría que un experiencia en su vida cotidiana sin ninguna razón especial sólo que sucedió .... recoge todos esos recuerdos y coloca cada uno de ellos en esta guirnalda de luces .... cada memoria es una bombilla .... cada año su guirnalda de Luces crece ..

Special Time of the Year

I have written about this exercise before but it is such a powerful exercise that I want to offer it again specially as we celebrate this Christmas or Holidays. Imagine that each light bulb light in a string of lights used to decorate a Christmas Tree or any light decoration is a memory of a time passed, a memory of places and people you share a special moment with or a memory of the love and joy you experience in your daily life with no special reason just that it happened.... collect all those memories and places each of them in this strings of lights.... each memory is a light bulb .... each year your string of lights grows ... never leaving any memory behind but instead honoring all the

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