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Love....Love..Love... contagious yet elusive

We are born with the sense of what is Love... there is something within our own instinct that allows us to know the qualities of love even before we can hear, speak or react. It is an imprint pattern within our souls, so profound that is hard to understand for it doesn't respond to logic. Anyone that has had the privilege of holding a newborn knows this feeling that unexplainable feeling that comes from the deepest part of our heart and right away we just love this tiny human being beyond anything we have ever experienced before in our life. It is a feeling that surpasses any logic and brings to those experiencing it a sense of fulfillment and joy that is indescribable yet desired by all. Th

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"Your article is very beautiful and profoundly helpful Mercy Martinez. Thank you for sharing it. Loved the picture too."

                       Monetter Flores, Philippines,


"Love your article, Mercy Martinez"

Kim Lopa, Arizona


"Muy sabio y verdadero el mensaje que todos deberiamos tomar en cuenta."

 D.R., Miami, FL


"Mercy even though I am not fluent in Enlgish each of your articles bring such energy within their message that makes me want to share it with all my friends. Thank you for sharing with us"

Ros Navarro Miami FlL