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In Search for Your Soulmate?

I am always baffled when I see so many people focus on looking for a soulmate, as if the soulmate would be the answer to all their problems. I hear them telling me how they have a longing for that "perfect soul" that will complete them... hold it What! Complete you? so Am I talking to half of someone? How does that work? How can someone else complete me? For sure I have always believe I have enough of me to be me... so why would I want more of me? Since I was very young I always felt that the partner I would want by my side would compliment me... not complete me! As life has it after 20 plus years working in the corporate world I had a shifted my career and started my work as a Life Coach an

Looking for the KEY?

Looking for the Key? Aren't we all??! Looking for that key that can solve all of our problems, our financial dilemmas, our pain and suffering, etc.... It is an inner urge to look outside of us for all of our answers. The urge to look for someone out there ... for that person or thing...for they must have the magic key that can make our life better. It is fascinating this illogical urge, if you can stop to think for a moment what makes us believe someone that doesn't know us can give us the magic formula? Why are we eager to give away our own knowledge and power? What made us think we don't have the answers or the solutions? Was it when we were growing up? Where we influence by external situ

What makes us give a helping hand?

​ What makes us give a helping hand... Some years ago I was shown an image that cracked all my resistances into pieces... this image was given to me when I asked God what was the consequences when I resisted to do my work? He showed me the image of Jesus Christ standing in a river rock helping a child come up the river safely by extending his hand to the child so he could climb the rock and be at higher grounds- (similar to this picture)-- and when I resisted to do my work it was equal to me denying someone the hand for them to reach higher grounds and safety. It was devastating to see it and feel the pain in my heart when I was shown the consequences of my actions-- it was also a turning

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"Your article is very beautiful and profoundly helpful Mercy Martinez. Thank you for sharing it. Loved the picture too."

                       Monetter Flores, Philippines,


"Love your article, Mercy Martinez"

Kim Lopa, Arizona


"Muy sabio y verdadero el mensaje que todos deberiamos tomar en cuenta."

 D.R., Miami, FL


"Mercy even though I am not fluent in Enlgish each of your articles bring such energy within their message that makes me want to share it with all my friends. Thank you for sharing with us"

Ros Navarro Miami FlL