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Can we be liberated from being identified by labels?..

The world is changing and fast ... at the speed of lighting and yet at the same time it feels as the resistance to change keep us trying to catch up to these changes.... Can the conversation of transgender open the door for society to be liberated from cataloging everything as one thing or another? Can it open the door for humanity to see each other without labels? Can it free us from society's imposed standards and expecations? Can it libearte us and birth a society that embraces diversity, differences, and unqieness; things that are at the core of our humanness? Can we finally be free to be who we are without having to justify our truth? Just watched two great interviews by Bruce Jenner's

Oops...just wanted what was best for you

OOPs… "I just wanted what was best for you" Ah... famous words “I just wanted what was best for you”…. And in doing so crossed your boundaries and forgot you had free will….oops! I have to confess that I have done this myself and gotten into trouble many times in the past, always feeling it was my right to help someone else – forgetting the person’s free will. It did take some time and several major blunders before I started to listen to a wise teacher and friend that would stop me in my tracks as soon as she saw me doing such act. Today I am beyond grateful for her and others who came into my life and showed me how to respect and honor someone’s free will so I could also enjoy others respec

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"Your article is very beautiful and profoundly helpful Mercy Martinez. Thank you for sharing it. Loved the picture too."

                       Monetter Flores, Philippines,


"Love your article, Mercy Martinez"

Kim Lopa, Arizona


"Muy sabio y verdadero el mensaje que todos deberiamos tomar en cuenta."

 D.R., Miami, FL


"Mercy even though I am not fluent in Enlgish each of your articles bring such energy within their message that makes me want to share it with all my friends. Thank you for sharing with us"

Ros Navarro Miami FlL