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La Fuerza detras de la Gratitud

Has notado que ocurre dentro de ti cuando te sientes agradecido o agradecida? Has notado lo que sientes cuando ves la palabra gratitud? Puede que sólo sea unos segundos o unos minutos, pero lo cierto es que hay un momento en el que el tiempo se detiene, recuerdos parpadea a través de la mente y se experimenta un sentimiento de ser amado, apreciado, alegría o incluso sentirse en abundancia. Puede tomar un poco de práctica observarse sí mismo antes de que podamos ver esta transformación dentro de nosotros, pero lo cierto es que su es un cambio que ocurre dentro de nosotros cuando nos detenemos a estar agradecido o agradecida. Hay una fuerza detrás de esta palabra GRATITUD que es invisible, per

The force behind Gratitude

Have you noticed what occurs inside of you when you feel thankful or grateful? Have you noticed what occurs when you see the word GRATITUDE? It may just be a few seconds or a few minutes but there is a moment when time stops, memories flashes through the mind and a feeling of being loved, appreciated, joyful or even fulfilled is experienced. It may take some practice of observing own self before we can see this transformation within us but it is certain that their is a shift within us when we stop to be thankful or grateful. There is a force behind this word GRATITUDE that is invisible yet substantial enough to be felt by our mind and body. If you notice it is a word we see or hear almost ev

Small Acts do count...

Small Acts Do Count… Have you been at the receiving end of a small act? If so, did you feel it was insignificant? Or did you feel as if it was a great act? Why do we think only the big act counts? What makes us not acknowledge the power behind small acts? I have been at the receiving end of small acts and I know how powerful they are and yet it has taken me some time to see them as powerful as they truly are—it is like if small acts don’t count unless they are big. Many years ago, I started to notice that there were many instances where I was told by friends, that my phone call to them was exactly what they needed and they even wonder how I knew when to call them…. So I started to be more aw

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"Love your article, Mercy Martinez"

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