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Como podemos permanacer en nuestra verdad?

“Una sociedad crece enormemente cuando hombres plantan arboles sabiendo que no se sentarán debajo de su sombra.” Proverbio Griego “Una sociedad crece enormemente cuando hombres plantan arboles sabiendo que no se sentaran debajo de su sombra.” Proverbio Griego En una sociedad de gratificación instantánea este proverbio nos es difícil comprender este proverbio o de verlo en acción …. ya que tenemos una sociedad que ingeniera genéticamente arboles para que crezcan rápidamente y poder sentirse logrados sentado debajo de la sombre del árbol diciendo “Viste lo que logre” Podemos pensar mas allá de una gratificación instantánea? Podemos crear y actuar de tal manera que n nos importe si vamos a disf

Coming out from our Spiritual Closet--How can we break away and freely stand in our own truth?

"A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they will never sit"- Greek Proverb In a society looking for instant gratification, this proverb sounds impossible to achieve… in a society that is looking at planting trees that can be genetically engineered so we can enjoy the shade as quickly as we plant the tree giving us feeling accomplishment and the ablility to say– “Here I can enjoy the results of my labor” Can we think beyond our immediate present? Can we create and act for that of which we will not be able to see or enjoy? For that which is unknown to us? Can we feel a sense of accomplishment even though we don’t see the results? At the core of our being is the desire t

What makes us jump into new adventures?

I recently discovered a part of me that loves adventure, that feels joyful when I explore new things or experience new opportunities....and yet for a great part of my life I felt anxious and nervous any time I thought of venturing into exploring the unknown. I created a circle of safetiness that didn't allow me to travel too far alone or do things on my own, such as; going to the movies or going to a restaurant or traveling -- whatever action I took was mainly with family and friends. I had to feel safe. I admire all of those people that go off to search, explore and experience without any fears or any anxieties, instead they leap into the adventure with joy. I am fortunate to discover the j

Just listen and relax in 30 seconds

This is a 30 second video that allows you to connect with nature and just relax to the sound of the wave crashing into the shore. Enjoy! #video

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"Your article is very beautiful and profoundly helpful Mercy Martinez. Thank you for sharing it. Loved the picture too."

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"Love your article, Mercy Martinez"

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