Celebrating Life Tea Party

This unique party Tea Party!

This unique Tea Party not only is fun but joyful, inspiring, motivating and empowering as it provides an opportunity to see our life in an inspiring way. Celebrating Life Tea Party gives each participant an introduction to a new perspective on life with an empowering knowledge of their priceless hidden treasures buried within their life story.


Come and join us in this fun afternoon that allows all of us to connect to own life story in new ways. Come and learn how to uncover those hidden treasures stored within your own life story that gives you the most powerful insights you the treasure chest you indeed are! 


The event is a motivational and inspiring platform that will leave you invigorating and energized to what is to come as you become conscious of the power behind the scenes of your own amazing life story! 

Let's have fun!

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From our March 12, 2016 Celebrating Life Tea Party

"I loved the concept of Tea Party for this workshop for the place gave a great ambience. I discovered my story is a journey with good and bad, happy and sad, and everything in between. I would recommend to everyone to come;  it is relaxing and you always learn something new about yourself."

Natalie Alvarez, Miami, FL


"It made me think about my own life and gave me ideas to move forward with the fear that has held me back. Great insights looking at my life as a movie! Awesome workshop would recommend to others as it opens your heart and mind to think of your amazing life story." A.B. miami, Fl


"I loved the format you chose to give us such wonderful information. Loved it" M.J. Tacoma, WA


If you need guidnace on your journey Mercy is a great guide. I would recommend this to everyone as it was fun and thought provoking." Lindy Thomas, Miami, FL


"I like most of this workshop the fluidity and connection of the verbal message and the actual exercise. High impact! Inspiring! This event was a heart awakening that brings honor to your life. Would recommend to everyone because everyone can benefit from becoming conscious of their life story."A.V., Miami, Fl

I liked everything, location, music, theme, presenttion specially the life story you shared and seeing your life as a movie. Empower your life, know yourself and be thankful for your life daily are insights that I took from this workshop. Highly recommend to take a chance and go to this workshop." G.M., Orlando, FL


I like the flow, the examples given to identify situations or to convey the message. I love the energy of the safe environment. Definitely would recommend to others; to receive a powerful message that your inner self wants to share with you come to you in this workshop!" G.S. Miami, FL





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