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Mercy Martinez
Breathe ...  Inhale ... Exhale... 
Relax... Reset... Recharge!

Reimagined the possibilities...



Professional Leadership Coaching and Mentoring Consultations. 

Facilitator of Professional

Workshops that inspires and motivates the participants to achieve their highest potential in their professional careers or their personal lives.



Defining Success by

Welcoming Failures

Igniting the Team 

Cohesive Messaging

Fred, Retired Teacher

Mercy, you assisted me in putting my life in order and with a deeper understanding of my life's experiences. Your exercise taught me how to heal and make peace with my past.  Now, as I look at my memories with a new perspective, one that has given me a precious treasure, realizing how the past helped me heal the present. I can say I live life with a feeling of greater inner peace, relaxation, joy and an openness to engage with others—.” Fred F. Tacoma, Washington

Rosa, Astrologer

Mercy, you opened for me a path I hadn't explored, the path of seeing the many treasures I had stored within my own life experiences. Today your technique helps me balance my life and keeps be alert on achieving my life's purpose."

Rosa T. Navarro, Miami, FL

Sandra, Financial Consultant

Mercy, thank you for your warmth and amazing way to put me at ease. Your session helped me embrace my past and my present in ways that has ignited me to create a more balanced lifestyle. What surprised me the most is your session feels  like a warm, safe and friendly conversation like what one has with a close friend yet with such powerful and impactful suggestions that opened my heart and my mind to a new way of living life. I truly am so grateful for you skills and talents."

S.F. Miami, FL